Thank God For the Weekend (T.G.F.T.W)

1)The YA Scavenger Hunt!!!!
This was my first year participating & I really had fun. I got to enter some fantastic giveaways! The grand prize was that (depending on what team you were on: yellow,red, blue) you would get 20 books from that Team. Amazing right!
I was on all 3 teams & I started with yellow , then went to the read & Karina did the blue team. We pondered for hours on thursday & once I un-scrambled mine the rest were easy!
Remember if you still want to participate it ends tomorrow @ noon!
2)The Museum of Modern Art.
I didn't know that friday's were FREE at the MoMa.Now...highly recommend you go, I had a blast! I even made some art for the blog:
A masterpiece!...not.At least I tried.There was also a flash mob but it was so crowded I heard nothing. The art was GREAT. I felt very connected & got inspired 2 write some poetry too, but won't torture you here.(Lucky's)
3)Spring Break planning.
In a the next week I'll be in school only 3/5 days in school. So I'll be planing my future posts with Karina, and hopefully getting more followers!I'm also planning something big!(giveaway)
*planning on catching up on reading: Evermore, Wings of the Wicked, Angel Fire, Havoc, The Hunt & The Peculiars!( much!) *Planing on: SLEEPING,CLEANING, & HW.
*Sneak Peek at next Giveaway!:It's a Greek inspired RING!
*YAY! We got up to 400 views!
*NOW Answer the Question:
If you knew you were going to dye & nothing would change your final death, would you create a bunch of alternate ways to die instead of the one way you already have? Or would you not care (death is death)?

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