Breathless Reads Live Author Chat! =)

Hey guys, so I just wanted to tell you about the totally AWESOME author chat I joined in on yesterday night with the lovely lady authors of the Breathless Reads Tour-- Beth Revis, Marie Lu, Jessica Spotswood, and Andrea Cremer!
I've never participated in a live author chat before-- in fact I've never even used Spreecast or Skype or anything like that, so this was a completely new experience for me! But as I was tweeting away earlier this evening, I kept seeing Marie and Beth mentioning the live chat, and I thought it sounded pretty cool so I joined in!
And OMGosh seriously guys?!? If you haven't been to a live online author chat yet you SO should because it was tons of fun, and also so insightful! I had a blast listening to all four of these lovely and talented ladies talk. I was SO not expecting to get to chat with Beth Revis and Andrea Cremer when I got online tonight, I can tell you that LOL :P
I also wasn't expecting to win the live contest!That was AMAZING. When I saw my name on the screen I had a moment of shock then I was doing my happy dance.WHAT DID I GET? I won a SIGNED Poster from all the breathless authors! Simply AMAZING.
What I found interesting from the Chat:
*Beth Revis is freaking HILARIOUS and as she mentioned several times, Evil(mwahaha[villainous voice]).LOL. I seriously wish I knew this chick! She would be so much fun to hang out with :)
*Jessica Spotswood is the cutest thing ever, she's just so bright and bubbly-- I can't believe I'm even admitting this, but I didn't even recognize her as the author of Born Wicked & I have wanted that book BAD!-- Love her! :D
*Marie Lu revealed that her second book in the Legend series is officially going to be called -- wait for it....*drum roll,please* PRODIGY!! YAY!
So that was what I was up to yesterday night! If you guys want to watch the full live chat from Spreecast and listen to Beth, Maria, Jessica and Andrea answer all the questions we threw at them, check it out HERE
And MAKE SURE you have each and every one of these books on your TBR lists! Just look at those covers-- AMAZING!

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