Review: Daphne and The Mysterious Girls Secret Bathroom Society by Robert Shields

Published: December 19th 2011
Source: In exchange for an honest review from author
Summary from goodreads:
Following years of persecution at the hands of Vivica Vance, Daphne Downing levels the playing field wielding her No. 2 Ticonderoga pencil as she belatedly enters the world of witchcraft. Daphne becomes part of the Mysterious Girls’ Secret Bathroom Society and finds out that the politics governing witchcraft are daunting and sometimes deadly. She realizes she is aligned with the Charmers in this political battle with the Spiters led by her nemesis, Vivica.
Along the way, she discovers that witches do not perform magic or witchcraft but a differentiated form of physics that only some women have mastered. The story deepens as she learns about the long history of witches’ domination and annihilation of wizards.
Karina's Review:
I give this book a 4/5 feathers. It’s a cute book and it’s very well written. Great to get your mind off things with.
I was absolutely amazed at how well written this book was. Reading the title made me think it was a little girl book. So will never again judge a book by it's cover! I loved how the beginning portrayed the relationship between Daphne and Vi. The author did such a good job in making it all seem so real by tying American history in with the “witch” history. Lyla seemed a little stuck up to me and Daphne was a little annoying with her cluelessness but as her best friend Lyla should understand. Daphne’s little sister was adorably smart!
What confused me a little was Vi’s personality. I mean we all know THAT girl. The girl who seems flawless and gets the cutest boy, but is a total Bully. I loved that part of the book!! Anyway I was talking about Vi’s personality. In the beginning she was mean, callous and just evil. But she made a really strong leader, and she seemed nicer.
Oh and Lyla has a boyfriend but we don’t hear much about him throughout the book. Unlike Kyle who causes chaos and whom Daphne is pretty naive for liking. For him to stare at Vi with admiration after kissing Daphne? Ah...No way! And Daphne is catching on so quickly it makes me wonder if she’s some powerful witch or something.
Overall I loved it & was an enjoyable read!
ALSO come back TOMORROW for an INTERVIEW WITH THE AUTHOR himself, Robert Shields!

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