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Published: May 26th 2011
By: Philyra Publishing
Source: Blog tour
Summary (goodreads):
Lindsey, a high school freshman, views her new school as a place to start over. With the help of her friends, she hopes that a change in her wardrobe will prompt a change in her image. She has some success until her long-time nemesis, Avery, reminds Lindsey of her place. Without asking for help from the adults, the main character and her friends struggle to manage the bullying. Despite their efforts, tensions rise, and people get hurt. The ending of this book will leave the reader shocked and heartbroken.
Changing My Wardrobe is a cautionary tale about the immutable problem of bullying. This story not only looks at bullying from the victim's point of view but also explores the motives behind the aggressors’ actions. Changing My Wardrobe demonstrates the fluid and complex nature of bullying by shining a light on the contributing factor of social media.
My review:
This book was an enjoyable book. I'm not going to say much because I want you to pick it up & READ IT! The story is light and not slow paced like many stories at the start. The book literally starts with Lindsey & Teeny (her best friend), finding the right outfit for the first day of high school.
The begging was nice & the encounter with the boy "Marco",seemed real & not "oh, what a cu-inky-dink, let's get together". The story also shows us the real life of a teenage girl. One who does homework, and worries over tests. I liked that the author captivated the high school experience really well. I also LOVED Linsey's friends. They were all so helpful & likable.
Oh my goat cheese! The ending was good. It was a complete shocker & I didn't even consider that ending. It was very well crafted and a bit haunting, I makes you think. I loved it! It was a light, fast, & an enjoyable read!
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4/5 Chicken feathers.This was a great book but was missing something that made the chicken run in circles.
About the author:
I live with my husband and three teenagers in the Chicagoland burbs. After graduating from the University of Illinois with a B.S. in Chemistry, I worked at a nuclear power plant for five years. I then left my career to stay at home with my three kids.
Seemingly overnight, I went from being crazy-busy to having way too much time on my hands. With my husband working long hours and my kids pursuing their own lives, I had to reinvent myself. So, I decided to write that book I always wanted to write. Changing My Wardrobe is my first novel.(Website/Facebook)
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