Calling ALL TEEN writers!

Ok so here is the deal, I am taking an entrepreneurship class where I have to come up with a business idea. So I choose what I know, which is of course, BOOKS!

I decided to make a "fake" E-publishing house. BUT I need to make an example/prototype of what i'll be selling/producing. I CAN NOT write at all. I am a reader!

So this is where you guys in come in. My "company" focuses on TEEN writers (that's my twist). Our motto is: By Teens, For Teens! 

  • Teenagers: If you are a teen with a story, you think the whole world should know about, just want to do it to know if your book was good enough, or that people would actually read it; then YOUR IN THE RIGHT PLACE!

All you have to do is email ME here:

*Please remember that it doesn't have to be completed I am just looking for teen writers, with YA stories in whatever sub-genre. Short stories would be nice.

* Also there are a limited amount of spots for this. So please HURRY!

  • Bloggers: If you would PLEASE help me spread the word around!

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