Excuse me...Help?

Sorry guys but lately I have been stumped with a lot of HW & studying for exams. Don't worry though I am still reading & will be posting new reviews as soon as I can. Just not as frequently. Also thinking of a way to celebrate Read-A-holicZ getting 500 Facebook "Likes". Wow that was in what, about a week. So definitely gonna celebrate!I am also going to do a 100 Followers GIVEAWAY!
Problem is...
I don't know what to give away! There are just too many good books out there in the market.
This is where you guys come in. I don't know what you want. So I'm going ot hold a book contest.
How does it work?
Just comment on this post with the book you would want to win. It can be any book and the top 2 books with the most comments will be given away on the blog.
Only requirement:
Be a FOLLOWER & get others to follow too! Remember it's a 100 followers giveaway.
Dont forget our other giveaways on the blog! They end soon, so HURRY!(can be found on the left hand sidebar)
1. 50 Followers giveaway(ends 5/8)
2. Move-in-Clean giveaway(ends 5/2)

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