Giveaway WINNERS!...and Lilypunkk?

ok so about a week ago I got some awesome swag & decided I didn't need more than one of each. So I decided to hold a giveaway. I added two books into the mix as well!
Thank YOU!
I want to thank EVERYONE of my followers that entered & commented on the post. LOVE you all! It means a lot to me that you actually pay attention & see my blog.And a special thanks to those who Tweeted about it!
I could only chose 2 winners & out of 12 of you & I couldn't chose. SO i went on to see who would win.
And the winners are...
*Prize pack 1: Nicole
*Prize pack 2: Kristy1504
Will be contacting you guys shortly. =D
This was one of our third giveaways hosted here at Read-a-holicZ.So thanks again guys! Don't forget there is still one giveaway open. But hurry it ENDS MAY 8th. To enter click HERE!
Also I need your HELP in picking what books to give away NEXT! Just comment HERE.
Almost forgot! There is an AMAZING giveaway over at Bibliopunkk for a chance to win an ARC of The GOLDEN LILY by Richelle Mead. So GO & TAKE A LOOK HERE.

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