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Ok so I have felt fine using the Book Haul meme but I felt that I needed to be rooted somewhere, so I decided to change from Book Haul's to Staking the Shelves hosted by Tynga's Reviews. Plus I got a book shelf today for my books! So happy their not lying around the house in danger of my baby brother damaging them.(Pick Below =])
I also don't want to remake the meme pic I made (too much time). So I will still be using the Book Haul one. So let's start! Sorry for the quality of the pics as always.
I splurged on these books just because, and two of them weren't coming out "officially" until the 29th. YAY I found them 2 days early, cool. Barnes & Nobles is awesome, that way.
1. Darkness before Dawn by J.A. London (May 29,2012)
2. Dark Kiss by Michelle Rowen (May 29,2012)
3. Storm (Elementals #1) by Brigid Kemmerer
Had to take two pics of these awesome books, they just look so pretty on my shelves!
Library Borough:
1. Infamous(Chronicles of Nick #3) by Sherrilyn Kenyon
I LOVE her and both her adult & YA Series! She writes AMAZING stories. If you haven't read any of her books, you NEED to! I have been waiting for this book for a while. I ordered it from the library & was on the wait list as #51! So the waiting was increased by double. But FINALLY I got it.
1. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (World Book Night Special Edition)
2. The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak (World Book Night Special Edition)
I already have these two amazing books but I LOVE these special editions their so pretty! So thank you Misty over @ The Book Rat.
Review (EBooks):
1. The City's Son (The Skyscraper Throne #1) by Tom Pollock (September 8, 2012)
2. Tap Out by Eric Devine (September 11,2012)
3. Unbreak My Heart by Melissa C. Walker (May 22,2012)
4. Demon Eyes (Witch Eyes #2) by Scott Tracey (October 8,2012)
Thank you Netgalley for the awesome e-ARCS. On a side note have not read Witch Eyes but I heard it was great, so I requested an ARC so now will be reading & reviewing both in the summer.
*I also received a E-book from an author to review this week. Here it is:
1. Blink by Lloyd Poast
Let me just say that the cover for this book is wicked. I LOVE it. Will get to reading it As Soon as I can.
What books did you get? Link them below. I love to see what others got! Especially Video Blogs!

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