What's coming up! (1)

Today I am off. So I will just be rambling here. I have a huge business presentation today, so I was getting ready for it yesterday. I want it to be good. So nothing too important to share just some happenings for this coming weekend. A kind of heads up, sorta thing.
I was so happy with the responses to the giveaway so far. Thank you to my old & new followers, you guys ROCK! So happy that I will be extending the giveaway prizes. Check back on Friday??...hmm.. I don't really know when I'll update it, but I will be putting up some new choices to each list! So many new, cool titles will be added. So check back here soon.
Friday! #1 Cover Reveal
This Friday I will be doing a cover reveal for Victoria Scott's YA book, THE COLLECTOR (A Dante Walker Novel). I had the honor of discovering her blog & saw the description of it over HERE. She was doing a giveaway for Julie Kagawa's "The Immortal Rules". I didn't win but I stumbled upon her new & soon to come book. So tomorrow I will be revealing the cover to said book. I have seen it and let me tell you, THAT COVER IS HOT!!! I had to fan myself, so keep a lookout tomorrow for the reveal.
End this bit of news with this exclusive quote from Dante Himself!
Friday! #2 Blog Tour!
So I was allowed viewing of Angel Eyes by Shannon Dittemore on Netgalley. Soon after I got an email to be a tour host for it. So of course I said YES! So I am thrilled to tell you what I thought of the book on Friday with a review.
Book Haul!
This week I had some AMAZING books come in the mail. So will be posting my book Haul/ Stacking the Shelves on the blog either Saturday or Sunday, when I have time. Believe me you will not want to miss all my goodies. I might just be giving something away too!
In other News...
I changed my Blog Header! I made it to what i thought would look nice. The old one looked pretty washed out & wasn't really what i wanted. But NOW...I love it! Especially since I got me as a cat & Karina as her chicken Peo, whom we use as our rating system here for reviews.
What it used to look like before:
Then changed to this:
It went through two changes but now we have one that I know will be sticking around for a while!
What do you guys think of the new header? And are you excited for the awesome things to come in the next few days? Should I post more of these types of posts?
Leave me a comment. I love comments! Thanks for stopping by!

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