[What's new Wednesday]: Daemon Invasion edition

Sorry this post is so LATE! But I have been out all day either in school or running in the YAmazing Race hosted by The Apocalypsies.If you haven't heard about the event & would love to learn more click HERE. More about those new & fun books I found to come tomorrow!
I just finished participating in the Street Team for Abnegation a faction from the widely anticipated book Insurgent, sequel to Divergent(#DivergentNation on twitter). Doing that was so much FUN that I decided to do another Street Team but this time for Jennifer L. Armentrout's #DaemonInvasion.Promotioning Obsidian/ Lux Series & of course DAEMON BLACK!
Our Team name is...DaeVision!
The #DaemonInvasion is going to start soon and it’s going to be EPIC!
Our tasks start on May 15th and we'd really appreciate all your support for Team DaeVision! Yes, that's us. For now, before I introduce you to the team, it'd be awesome if you guys could like our page on Facebook!
Without further delay, here's Team DaeVision!
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Twitter : @anjanavasan
Blog : Books, Biscuits and Tea
Twitter : @alouetteutte
Blog : Maji Bookshelf
Twitter : @juhina_
Blog : I Love Teen Books
Twitter : @Traj4ee
Blog : BookVille
Twitter : @Adeeb_PawsUp
Blog : Read-a-holicz
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Blog : RavenFic Reviews
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Blog : Ja Citam, a ti?
Twitter : @tannychy_rhcp
Twitter : @Zemmy89
Blog : Sweet Southern Home
Twitter : @celjla212
Twitter : @kuro_rin01
That's us, hope we get your support!
Don't forget to enter thegiveaway of Obsidian at Kindle and Me! If you haven't read it yet, here's your chance to win it!
Also I made this To share!It has all our names in it!

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