Blog Tour: Bayou Myth by Mary Ann Loesch (review & excerpt)

Published: June 2012
By: Dragonfire Press
Source: Ebook for tour
Summary (goodreads/ Amazon)
As a sixteen year old voodoo queen in the making, Joan Renault just wants to be like all the other girls in the small town of Monte Parish, Louisiana—obsessed with boys and swamped with social lives. If the other kids would quit calling her “hoodoo hag,” she might have a small shot at normality. It would also help if Joan’s weekend outings with her secret crush, Dave, weren’t always being interrupted by her dead Grandmere, the legendary Marie Laveau. After all, it’s hard to make out with your best friend when your grandmother is watching! But when you come from a long line of voodoo priestesses with dried gator heads decorating the wall of their huts, normal doesn’t come easily.
When Joan witnesses the brutal sacrifice of a child to a tree Druid, she learns her Grandmere’s scandalous past has come back to haunt those living in the present. Hera, a vengeful voodoo priestess is determined to use the residual energy of Pandora’s Box to revive a sleeping voodoo god and declare war on the descendants of Marie Laveau, especially Joan. Suddenly, Greek myths are being re-enacted all over town, and Joan has her hands full trying to sort it all out. With the approach of Samedi’s Day—the voodoo day of resurrection—Joan must learn to accept her destiny in order to stop the approaching threat to her family and friends.
My Review:
First of all, I just want to say that I LOVE any book set in Louisiana. So I had to read this book. It was really good. I mean, the synopsis was really interesting. Long but interesting.

The story starts out with like a flashback event in Joan's life, about how she "entered" the world of voodoo & how she met her mentor & grandmere, Maria. Whom was pesky, and annoying like a grandma but looked like a teen, whom I also liked as a character.
Joan, Dave, Ana, and her parents. Joan was a great protagonist. She had attitude,bravery, and confidence for who and what she was. I loved Dave, at the begging. He was troubled yet calm and of course, hot. Then at the end I wasn't sure, he kinda-maybe does something to Joan, which in my opinion is unthinkable if it was true.
Ana, oh Ana. I loved to hate her too, like Joan. I mean, the mean things she did to Joan & then to call her for favors, playing the guilty card for Joan was low. But there relationship made me keep reading further, to see what else would happen between them. Joan's parents are very interesting. Her mom is white & her dad is African American, so there is a mixing of races there. Both are open-minded, considered "hippies" for their loose views. Her dad is a sorta teacher to her, in voodoo.
There are some intense, kinda graphic scenes in the book, that I found horrible yet fascinating at the same time. There were some funny-interesting scenes too. Especially with a ghost named Bart, who was a dead comedian who wouldn't pass until he performing at Cesar's Palace. Some crazy cheese goes down in that town. Also liked the scene with the little boy, who was eaten & beheaded by a tree, later found with the head stitched on. Eww. But creepy interesting.
The ending. The ending! It was a great ending to the book. Lot's of action going on there. So much emotions. I was crying by the last page. Ana & Dave both brought strong emotions to me. Sadness & betrayal. Ana, can't say what happens, but it killed me. I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THE NEXT BOOK. If there was a next book. I really don't know.But it was an AMAZING read, really enjoyed it. There is SO much more that I am not talking about, like Ana's father & Hera, who is SHE, READ THE BOOK!
Overall this book was intense and moving. The writer does a great job at creating a story that was enchanting & creepy! LOVED it! 5/5 feathers!
AMAZING! The chicken is going to Peck this one OUT!
Short excerpt from Bayou Myth:
A teenage girl stood in the hazy glow. Unlike the other spirits, her form held solid. I got the sense that she drew energy from the surrounding spirits. Her lowered head made it so I couldn’t see her face, but the style of dress she wore dated back at least a century. Not surprising, really. Monte Parish could trash its roots to the late 1700’s.
The ghost lifted her head. Her eyes were empty sockets and rotted flesh hung from her face revealing bone. She watched me, and the hatred pumping from her aura sucked my breath away. Her head moved as if she were looking at Dave. A sly smile formed on what remained of her lips, and the hatred crawling in the air multiplied. She moved towards us with an unsteady gait. The closer she got, the sicker to my stomach I felt.
She meant to harm Dave. But not because he’d done anything to her. It was because he belonged to me. Though she never said a word, her intentions spilt off her and my psychic conduit picked it up.
“Let’s go. We need to leave right now.”
“What’s wrong?” Dave asked, but he complied with my request and closed up the tailgate.
The girl continued our direction. She raised a hand, and the sleeve of her dress slid back. Even from the distance we were at, the long white scar on her arm could be seen clearly in the moonlight. She pointed a finger at me.
You saw…the words hissed across the cemetery, raising goose bumps on my arms.
About the author:
Mary Ann Loesch is the author of Nephilim, an urban fantasy published by Lyrical Press Inc, and Bayou Myth, a young adult horror novel. Her short stories have been published on line with various magazines and in the anthology All Things Dark and Dastardly. All three books can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords in both paperback and ebook form. An avid reader, Mary Ann finds herself a fan of many genres, including urban fantasy, mystery, horror, and even a bit of literary fiction.
Follow Mary Ann's random thoughts at Twitter and Facebook, or check her weekly blog, Loesch's Muse, for insights on life, writing, and dirty martinis.(website/Goodreads)
DISCLOSURE(just cuz I have to):
*Disclosure of Material Connection: I am a member of Reading Addiction Blog Tours and a copy of this book was provided to me by the author. Although payment may have been received by Reading Addiction Blog Tours, no payment was received by me in exchange for this review. There was no obligation to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own and may not necessarily agree with those of the author, publisher, publicist, or readers of this review. This disclosure is in accordance with the Federal Trade Commision’s 16 CFR, Part 255, Guides Concerning Use of Endorcements and Testimonials in Advertising*
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