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Okay so. As I was not home on Saturday I completely missed to post the interview with Kathleen Suzette Harsch, author of Dreaming Dangerously. But thankfully I can post it today, with much thanks & apologies to the author. PLUS there is a giveaway with the tour presented by ENCHANTING BOOK TOURS! So let's start!
1. How did you come up with the idea for the Children of the Psi series?
A: One night, I dreamed the following: Cassie and Will discover they can read each other’s minds. Will is so overwhelmed by finding another telepath, he grabs Cassie and kisses her in front of their entire gym class. When I woke up, I knew I had a great idea for a novel, and I immediately started writing. The chapter, “Mind Drop,” is as close as possible to my dream. After writing Dreaming Dangerously, Cassie and Will had more to say, so I decided to write the Children of the Psi series.
2. Why is Cassie so scared of her abilities?
A: Cassie craves acceptance because her mother is so emotionally distant. Like every child, Cassie’s biggest fear is the rejection of her parents.
3. How did Cassie develop psychic dreams?
A: When Cassie and Will met, they exchanged electromagnetic energy. As they spent time together and experimented with their abilities, Cassie’s abilities began to morph and expand. (So did Will’s.)
4. Why did you decide to indie publish?
A: My students wanted to read my books. They kept asking if I had anything published. I got tired of getting rejected by agents, when I had willing readers sitting right in front of me.
5.Did you always want to be a writer?
A: Ever since I held a crayon in my hand!
6. What inspires you?
A: Life, my family, my dog, my students, music, art, etc.
7. Why are you interested in paranormal abilities?
A: In elementary school, I read books on ESP, dreams, and ghosts. One of my science fair projects was about dreams, and I’ve had a few precognitive experiences – dreaming about my father’s death and sensing a family member was a crime victim after reading a news article.
8. Why does nanotechnology fascinate you?
A: The idea that a doctor can attach a man-made, nano-sized object to a protein in your body is beyond crazy epic. That same nanotechnology can deliver life-saving medicines, genetic repairs, etc. However, there’s always a downside to technology. That’s the beauty of Science Fiction – exploring those possibilities and forewarning mankind as well as dreaming up new technological advances, i.e. Star Wars, Star Trek, etc
A bit about the author:
I published my first book at four-years-old, drawings and creatively-spelled words crayoned on stapled typing paper. I've never known a time when I haven't written.
In elementary school, I wrote stories about dogs and horses and birds who saved lives. My high school boyfriend's nickname for me was Emily Dickinson because I wrote a plethora of poetry then.
Now, I'm a wife, a mother of two beautiful children, Erin and Danny, a middle school teacher, and an INDIE writer with two books published. I write every single day because I think true madness would possess me if I didn't. Writing, for me, is like breathing.
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