Hey, have you heard!?

Okay So I think you guys have heard of this but if you haven't it's that time of year! Yes, the YA Sisterhood is happy to present the YA CRUSH TOURNEY 2.0!!! I was not a part of this this last year but I am this year! Why am I mentioning this? because I, Read-A-holicZ, voted for some Nominees that NEED YOUR HELP!
Of course I am NOT making you vote for the following but I did & if you want I'll tell you something awesome!
My special YA crushes:
1. Logan-Shade
2. Zach-Shade
3. Martin-Shade(i didn't officially vote for him, but YOU CAN, PLEASE!)
Why did I only mention 3, if there are 10 spots for YA Crushes? Because I am now going to be part of...Team Kilt Pi!
Why Team Kilt Pi? As the lovely Jeri Smith-Ready put it, "Yeah, Team Kilt Pi. We have infinite digits and have something to do with circles because we, um, like to hug. Yep."
*Also IMPORTANT! If you go to her blog HERE, you will find out why I voted for them. I love being in teams, more community. So head on over & you'll see y I mentioned those 3 AWESOME YA Crust characters. they have had success in the past one but they STILL NEED OUR HELP! Especially MARTIN!
*P.S IMPORTANT! if you do go to the link there is form with a question that says,
Recruited by (if applicable):Name of person who convinced you to join this crazy bunch and is now laughing and thinking, "SUCKER!"
Well That would be this crazy here, Lisseth Torres ,okay! So HELP Team Kilt Pi in this tournament of YA Hotties! I will see, if any of these YA crushes advance I might have to do something SPECIAL too!
Thanks GUYS for any & all help!

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