A long time coming-Giveaway Winners & other Giveaway news!

So I know this has been a long time coming. BUT I finally DID pick winners for the last few giveaways here on Read-A-holicZ. Everything should be out today! So be expecting some goodies this week!
100 Followers EPIC Giveaway!
This that we-little giveaway I started on faith because at the time I DID not have 100 GFC followers. I did have 500 Facebook followers but not on the actual blog. Since then it GREW, like A LOT! It turned out to be a 350+ Giveaway because thats how many of you followed me. And for that i am eternally grateful! *cyberhugs to you ALL* Thank you!
Winner #1
#892 - Samantha Soar (Falling Books) & she picked :
I LOVED this book SO MUCH! Whoever hasn't read it MUST READ IT OR ELSE! (Karina's chicken is giving you the evil eye)
Winner #2
#672 - Nikki Wang (Fiction Freak) & she picked :
Another favorite read of 2012! LOVED this one a lot too!
Armchair BEA (New) Winner!
Amazon was being a meany & i couldn't send the original winner her book, so I had to pick a NEW winner. & that winner was...
#127 - Erika Noel Beal & she picked :
Against All Odds (ebook) Blog Tour Winner!
#11 - Lili (Lili's Reflections) I LOVE this cover & the book was great! Enjoy.
Saving Mary: The Possession (ebook) Blog Tour Winner!
#1 - Gale Adkins Nelson
Karina really enjoyed this book & CAN NOT WAIT for the next one to come out. Even though its a memoir. =)
*If you have stayed this far in the post & didn't get anything DONT BE DISCOURAGED! I still have 2 Giveaways going on RIGHT NOW! I even made cute buttons to remind you located on the top left sidebar!
*PLUS!!! If Read-A-holicZ reach's 450 GFC followers then I will be having another EPIC GALACTIC GIVEAWAY!!! Read-A-holicZ has reached 1,000+ Twitter followers & 950+ on Facebook! SO HELP ME OUT & SPREAD THE WORD!!!
*Leave you with an AWESOME tattoo I found on the web & it looks AMAZING!

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