ARC Review: Drain You by M. Beth Bloom

Pub Date: July 24th 2012
Source: Publisher via Edelweiss
Pages: 400
Summary: [Goodreads / Facebook Page]
Quinlan Lacey's life is a red carpet of weird fashions, hip bands, random parties, and chilling by the pool with her on-and-off BFF Libby. There's also her boring job (minimum wage), a crushed-out coworker (way too interested), her summer plans (nada), and her parents (totally clueless). Then one night she meets gorgeous James, and Quinn's whole world turns crazy, Technicolor, 3-D, fireworks, whatever.
But with good comes bad and unfortunately, Quinn's new romance brings with it some majorly evil baggage. Now, to make things right, she has to do a lot of things wrong (breaking and entering, kidnapping, lying, you name it).
There's normal, and then there's paranormal, and neither are Quinlan's cup of Diet Coke. Staying sane, cool, in love, and alive isn't so easy breezy.
My (Lisseth's) Review:
Going into this book i was interested and bit cautious, i had heard mixed things but decided to give it a try and i just could NOT finish it or even get into it much. I won't say much about it because i don't wan to be overly negative.
The summary of the book is a bit confusing & starting it, I was really confused. I thought it was a YA book set in the early 90's BUT NOPE it is set in the present time.
The Language & references are ALL so out of my generation that I doubt many teenagers would actually use "dude", "like" in most sentences. I was born in the early 90's and I really knew NONE of the movie or music references that are in the book. Plus they even had a BlockBusters store, i haven't seen one in SO LONG!
The girl's voice was a bit annoying & she treated her friend , Morgan, really bad. He is the ONLY character i really LIKED! Her friend Libby was okay. James was HOT but not my type. Naomi was kinda strange but interesting as a character.
This book was made for WAY OLDER YA readers. I think they would appreciate and like it a LOT MORE THAN young YA readers. I couldn't finish it because their was so many things I had to look up that i was like, "what movie/song is this?"
And the plot was pretty bland. I really couldn't get into it. It starts with a boring day in a store @ night and i wanted to end it their BUT was interested when Naomi came into the scene.
On the positive side. I really liked the authors writing style. It was descriptive and i could easily imagine it in my head. I loved how she describes her characters & especially James.
Not really my really my style. The book made the chicken run away.
About the Author:
M. Beth Bloom is a musician, video artist, and writer. Her fiction has appeared in StoryQuarterly and Dave Eggers's Best American Non-Required Reading series. She lives in Los Angeles.
Find her on: Twitter / Facebook / Goodreads

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