ARC Review: Rootless by Chris Howard

Pub Date: November 1st 2012
By: Scholastic Inc.
Pages: 336
Source: Around the World ARC tours
Challenge: Ultimate reviewers (August)
Summary: [Goodreads]
Seventeen-year-old Banyan is a tree builder. Using scrap metal and salvaged junk, he creates forests for rich patrons who seek a reprieve from the desolate landscape. Although Banyan’s never seen a real tree—they were destroyed more than a century ago—his father used to tell him stories about the Old World. But that was before his father was taken . . .
Everything changes when Banyan meets a mysterious woman with a strange tattoo—a clue to the whereabouts of the last living trees on earth, and he sets off across a wasteland from which few return. Those who make it past the pirates and poachers can’t escape the locusts—the locusts that now feed on human flesh.
But Banyan isn't the only one looking for the trees, and he’s running out of time. Unsure of whom to trust, he’s forced to make an uneasy alliance with Alpha, an alluring, dangerous pirate with an agenda of her own. As they race towards a promised land that might only be a myth, Banyan makes shocking discoveries about his family, his past, and how far people will go to bring back the trees.
In this dazzling debut, Howard presents a disturbing world with some uncanny similarities to our own. Like the forests Banyan seeks to rebuild, this visionary novel is both beautiful and haunting—full of stunning images that will take permanent root in your mind . . . and forever change the way you think about nature.
My thoughts (Lisseth):
"This book was OMG CRAZY! It was filled with pirates,crazy man eating locusts, a sweet romance and filled with very intense & emotional scenes. LOVED it!"
The synopsis to this book was extensive but was pretty AWESOME sounding. The cover is pretty intriguing & gives you a sense of the book. It was a pretty fast & invigorating read. I was addicted to the story & characters instantly. PLUS i also liked that the author didn't shy away from cursing & other tough issues. ;D
The World-building.
It was a near-future dystopian world, with it being after an apocalyptic/world changing event but not so ahead since they basically started from scratch and it wasn't filled with high tech technology @ all. It had a kinda rustic feel like back in the western days. The Locusts developing into man eating creatures & humans only being able to feed of genetically enhanced corn was interesting. ADD sand storms and Zion, like a heaven on earth where trees exist were good to put into the plot & world, and you got urself a story that is brimming with AWESOMENESS!!.
The Story.
This was another story where it began with it throwing you right into the characters, Banyan's life. Which both confused me and made me want more about what was going on. Trust me that this story mat be a bit hard to get into @ first but once u have adapted you will LOVE it. Their are deaths, HUGE fights, explosions, pirates, and a corrupt government system. So it has something new in every turn of the book. It also has to do with finding love, making roots, and finding out you were more than you thought you were.
The Characters.
The Characters are all well developed, complex, and unique. First off their names are unusual and cool. Banyan was strong, calculating, trying to survive and I LOVED,LOVED,LOVED that the story was told through his POV! I especially LOVED his very real attraction to... Alpha, a very complex, charismatic, and deadly pirate. Really liked when they shared scenes. Hina is the mysterious key and I liked her sorta-lost expression because it told of what she knew was almost un-real in their world. Sal was the lost boy, who was a sharp tack. There are SO many others that I really liked too!
The Romance.
There's a Romance?? YES! I wasn't expecting it actually. i thought this would be ur typical "boy trying to survive & find father with help from friends". NOPE! I was wrong. Their is a very real & touching romance between Alpha & Banyan. They were both dangerous, yet they made each other feel different & better. They were each others roots you could say ;D
The Ending.
WOW,just WOW! That ending was filled with action and so many emotions that i was literally crying @ times. Trust me when I say It WAS PERFECT! I thought it would tear me in two but...GOD! It twisted so much & i LOVED it!
Overall for me this book was a hit and I STRONGLY RECOMMEND you pick it up when it comes out! A beautiful Debut! =D I really want to read the next book, since it said "End of book one" I presume their is a two!!!! So 5/5 golden feathers!
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