Review: Anteater Boy by Dean Ammerman

Published: November 12th 2011
By: Kabloona
pages: 268
Source:received from author for review
Challenge: Ultimate Reviewers (AUGUST)
Summary: [Goodreads / Amazon]
"Anteater-Boy" tells the story of ninth grader Zak Dale (“Z” to his friends) and his struggle to survive the end of his freshman year of high school.
In order to get a summer job with his fish-eyed science teacher, Zak needs to clean the science room, improve his grades and give an award-winning presentation.
Along the way a broken brain, beautiful transfer student, genius best friend, escaped grandmother, substitute history teacher and incontinent dachshund conspire to transform Zak from an “anteater boy” into something…better. Who are you? Who do you want to be? These are the questions Zak tries to answer.
My thoughts (Lisseth):
"This book was a quick, easy, and had an extremely funny and likable main character!"
This is one of the few indies that i got for review from the author. I was a little hesitant about it since i don't read much contemporary YA that i like. But this one sounded interesting PLUS the MC was a guy, and I LOVE guy POV's in books. Also the cover is AWESOME.
The Story.
The story was nice. I liked the elements the author puts into it. Like the science competition. OMG!! I loved Zak's Grandmother she was "LOL" crazy and fun! The story never failed to keep me awake. Every time i picked up the book I could NOT STOP READING! Plus their are some "snotty" experiments and ninja-like electricians, and a wee-bit of romance, which i liked.
The Characters.
The author has a way of making me LOVE all the characters in the book. I liked the MC Zak, he thought as himself ordinary and as it went on he realized he was much more than an "anteater". His friend Miles was uber smart but didn't like to brag, which is what i would do too, keep on the down low. Mia i liked but then sorta didn't cuz she looked like she was starting to "fit-in" with the popular crowd, BUT at the end sh redeemed herself to me. I LOVED their teacher, Mr. Brown!!! He is AWESOME and I wish I had him as my teacher :D
The Ending.
I liked the ending. It was interesting and sweet. Okay so some crazy went down in the end. Can't tell you, BUT u HAVE to read it. I LOVED the Last chapter and the scene between Zak and Mia. AWWW! Perfect way to end a good book.
Overall i liked this book A LOT! You have to give this book a try! Trust me! =D SO i am giving it 4/5 GOLDEN FEATHERS!
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