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Title: The Summer of Me & You
Author: Rae Hachton
Published by: Teen Pulse
Release Date: September 19th 2013
Source: From author for review
Organized by: Yes, I'm Bookish Book Tours
This is the summer of first love. The summer of magic. The Summer of Me and You.

Kaleb has loved Kayleigh ever since first grade, even if he's never admitted it to anyone. Not even himself. But this summer, that's about to change.

Kaleb's had a troubled past, and Kayleigh's life has always been perfect. He'd love nothing more than to be the guy who ruins it all, and make her fall for him against her mother's wishes.

Kayleigh is a complete nerd. She's got the glasses to prove it. She just knows that a guy like Kaleb would never really want to be with a girl like her. So she's going to avoid him at all costs.

But then why do they always end up hanging out together?

When a secret that both their parents kept from them comes out, it will define the true meaning of love.

But when this summer ends, will Kaleb and Kayleigh have to say goodbye, or is this just the beginning of many more summers to come?

When I picked up The Summer of Me and You I expected a sweet light summer romance read. Oh it definitely fit the summer and romance part but it also had so much MORE! It really did hook me from the start.

I loved Kaleb and Kayleigh. Kaleb was the "bad boy" type but he had a sweet, chivalrous, and artistic part inside him. Kayleigh was the "nerdy girl" but she wasn't quiet or shy. Well maybe a little shy but she was SO SASSY! I loved her spark and it made her an interesting character to get to know :) Yeah they were both stubborn throughout most of the book because neither wanted to take the plunge into love but you could feel and read there connection. They really were meant for each other, the way they thought & cared for each other. Oh but they both had to work hard to be together. I especially loved that Kaleb asked Kayleigh's mom if he could take Kayleigh out on a date; XD I thought that was UBER SWEET. He wanted to do everything right with Kayleigh and he wanted her to be happy and just as much in love with him as he was with her. To each other they were THE ONE.

They also had to deal with a lot of past baggage from there families. Kaleb has a pretty crazy family! His step-sister has a daughter, ALY whom I absolutely adored X3 And his step-sister was really messed up and really itchy. But in the family department I really loved Kaleb & his moms relationship; his mom was really funny, witty, & strong! On the other hand I loved Kayleighs mother in the sense that she was there as kind off an opposite to Kaleb's mom.

Lots of things happen in the story and with Kaleb & Kayleigh but I absolutely loved the sweet moments between them. They may be dealing with some tough things but they still found a place inside of them to love. They had a deep, intense love that had been building up forever! One thing I absolutely adored about the book was that it had both Kaleb's & Kayleigh's POV; so we got a deeper look at Kaleb & Kayleigh and how they each really felt about each other. THEY WERE JUST SOOOOO AH!!! They really did make a great couple. They brought out the best and worst in each other but they knew how to balance things with each other. No matter what there love was a true one meant to last :)

Now, THE FEELS in this book were EXPLOSIVE! There were times when Kaleb was down or Kayleigh was upset/unsure and you could feel there despair and wanting for each other. When they were together sparks abound and you just had to go "aww". There were some darker feelings were it was like a punch to the stomach! I also loved the secondary characters in this book like Gunner; who was MAD FUNNY, had tons of sass, and was a real friend to Kaleb and Kayleigh!

Overall I really liked this book. It was a quick read full of intense romance, feels, and many great characters! The only little complaint that i have about the book was that it felt more New Adult at times than Young Adult, especially with certain scenes ;) But besides that I LOVED & enjoyed it! So that's why its a 4 out of 5 stars for me.


Writes Dark Romanticism-sometimes with gears and clockwork.

Has cemetery obsession. Misses Victorian London and ancient Rome. Believes in vampires and magic.

If imaginary, she would be an automaton fairy. Corvidophile. Content.


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