A different kind of blogging break! [with gifs & philosophical babble on kpop?]

Hey guys as you've seen I've been MIA for SOOO long! It feels like forever since I posted a review (or anything) on the blog. I LOVE READING [hello! read-a-holic here] but lately the reading slump I've been in has been heartbreaking. I dont feel like reading ANYTHING! It's so bad >.<

On top of that I've decided to go for my dreams. I know I may not express this as much online here but I LOVE to sing!! You would think I would stop blogging because of work or school but since I have neither I decided IT WAS TIME! To take charge of my life and start those dreams when I was small. I wanted to be so MANY things but with school and church I never could. Now I have the time so why NOT. What was my dream? TO BE A SINGER.

I know, I know. Not everyone can cut it as a singer but I'm not going into the american music scene, no. I am talking about KPOP. Yeah you know that small [huge] thing nobody in Americas heard about XP JK. I know a lot of you that follow & read my blog know of kpop and love it as much as me. But let's be honest. Besides Psy what other KPOP name has made it BIG in america? *cricket*

ANYWAYS back to the subject. Me and my sister LOVE kpop but the only ones in the scene that are hardcore are the guys. Like Block B, BTS, and G-Dragon. They go against the flow. Now look at the GIRLS corner of Kpop...I as a girl don't see them tackling hard subjects or being BAD-ASSSS. Maybe a select few COULD BE & ARE but not many. IDK but there should be SOMEONE who challenges the KPOP ideals and brings something different to the scene on the girls side. Girls can sing HARDCORE TOO, they don't always have to sing high vocal songs >_< COME KPOP GIRLS BRING SOMETHING NEW TO ME SO I CAN JAM & FEEL EMPOWERED!

Not saying we're going to take on the challenge but we're definitely going to try!So THAT'S WHY we need a break. WERE TOO BUSY DOING TOO MANY AWESOME THINGS!! For the next few months I'm going to be in extensive training with my sister. Both vocally & creatively. I'm producing EVERYTHING from start to finish. HOPEFULLY we can bring something new & good to the indie [can it be considered indie] KPOP scene. That also means all my energy is going into this project so blogging is taking a backseat :( I'll be too DEAD to actually sit down and write a review.

YEAH...it's going to get tough and at times we'll want to quit but it's OUR DREAM & we're going for it. I know this has been a WAY TOO LONG break post but since you stayed this long i'll share that we're going to be doing some covers of our favorite KPOP songs & remixes of some too! So be on the LOOKOUT for that on our youtube channel XD

So this isn't a GOODBYE FOREVER more like a VERY LONG break! I LOVE YOU ALL AND I WILL KEEP YOU ALL POSTED on how things are going. Please keep on supporting us! LOVE YOU!!!! UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN...ONE LAST GIF DANCE!

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