Happy thanksgiving! an update & a giveaway ^3^

Hey everyone! Hope everyone is having a great thanksgiving today, I know i am! I'm thankful for many things and for turning a year older yesterday XD IM NOW 20!! [I feel so old] Just wanted to update on where i am in the world.

As you see from the banner, RIGHT NOW I just opened my very own ETSY shop! It's called KMuseMe because music moves me and I wanted to combine passion for music with my passion for jewelry. I've been making jewelry since 2008 and was like why not sell some online? so yup i made a store on etsy. I also made a youtube channel where I'll be spreading my love for music & yes, KPOP, with many fun videos :D

As for reading: I've been reading FATES and loving it! Hopefully i can review it soon because it rocked! The world-building was spectacular and really brought you in. Plus the begging was jam packed with awesomeness!

Since it's also thanksgiving, I wanted to give thanks to all my loyal followers that have been with me through these months and keep on watching my blog. IM SO THANKFUL TO U ALL! I want to give back with a giveaway.

There will be 2 WINNERS. 1 INTERNATIONAL WINNER & 1 US WINNER. Both winners will get a book of there choice but the US WINNER will get one of my special bracelets with whatever colors/charms they want :) ENDS 12/20

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