Hey everyone welcome back to day 3 of my blog-o-versary!! Day 1's giveaway is closed and a winner will be picked sunday BUT if you missed it there is still Day 2's giveaway that closes tonight at 12am! Now onto the post *READ IT ALL*

Today is a super special day because I get to finally introduce something i've been working on for a while now and is so close to my heart. You all know I LOVE k-pop and put k-pop related gifs in almost every post. You also know I love to meddle in design and not until recently did I think I could find a career in it. So I wanted to mix the two and I did a K-POP SATURDAY meme here on the blog with my sister for a while but we wanted to talk more about other Korean related things but I didn't want the blog to get too clogged. So I kept myself awake thinking of ways to create something K related and ended up with a CRAZY IDEA. A KOREAN CULTURE RELATED MAGAZINE. IN ENGLISH.

I know there aren't many k-culture magazines in english *i've looked* so why not make one? right. It sounds pretty simple but a lot goes into it making a magazine. Now how on earth did I come to the magazine conclusions? Honestly I started designing magazines for my cousin who LOVES G-Dragon so I made her this:

I already had the name "THE ODDESS" picked way before for my youtube channel and decided why not put it on the mock cover. Because I like being odd and I also made her stickers so I was "including" them in this edition. I LOVED THIS! SO then I got thinking why not make a REAL ONE. So I made these next 2, the mock cover and ad:

Yup I made an AD *took forever* Now why did I pick this topic for today? BECAUSE I need HELP! I know a lot of my followers love k-pop and always comment on here. So I'm looking for writers, you don't have to have experience just a LOT of love and passion for the korean culture. So if you love k-pop, k-dramas, k-movies, k-entertainment, or just Korea in general; THEN I NEED YOU! If you want to join THE ODDESS then leave your email in the comments below and tell me the area you want to do for the magazine. [ex. lizzy9rule(at)gmail(dot)com - K-POP] I'll be emailing you soon.

Also if you just want to support *beleive me I need it*, then you could follow THE ODDESS in these places: TWITTER | FACEBOOK | YOUTUBE | SOUNDCLOUD

Now for those who don't know k-pop and come here for the bookish posts don't worry. I have a giveaway for today for everybody since you read the whole thing *I hope*. So just like the other days just answer any of the questions below and you'll be entered to win 2 SIGNED YA BOOKS! The giveaway is open internationally and ends MONDAY at 12am! Now the questions:

1. Do you like the covers? think they're attracting? Would you pick one up, if you say it?
2. Do you think a korean culture magazine or a ya book magazine could work?
3. *optional* Did you follow THE ODDESS through facebook, twitter, or on youtube? Just say where =)

That's it!! Love you all for coming by and reading about this new journey I'm going to make. Believe me I was terrified of writing this post because I'm afraid of the unknown but I'm glad to be sharing this with you all. So until tomorrow, BYE!! WITH MUCH LOVE AND HUGS ALWAYS - Lisseth ^3^

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