EEK WHERE HAVE I BEEN THAT I MISSED MY OWN BLOG-O-VERSARY?!!! *shoot me now* Seriously I must have gone brain-dead because I totally forgot XP I haven't been on here since in a few days either since work is keeping me dead and tired. But I should know these things right?! ARRRRGG, ANYWAYS.

I feel like this is the first time I'm looking back on this amazing blog I was able to run and manage for so long. I've seen the rise of some epic bloggers, the end of other bloggers, and throughout it all managed to stay *a bit absent at times* but here. You know why? Because I honestly LOVE reading and blogging. I haven't talked with a lot of bloggers in a while but I have my readers who leave me comments and make my day a bit brighter.

I still remember the first time I opened up blogger 2 years ago and decided to blog. Was it scary and weird to blog? A little. Did I EVER think people would look at my blog? Not really. Did my blog have an amazing design? *pffft* OF COURSE NOT!

This blog has been my baby from the begging and I invest so much time and love into it that I don't think I could just up and leave her. This blog has helped me grow in SO many ways as a writer, a reader, a designer, and a person. I remeber my first button I learned to make was from IceyBooks's tutorial. Here it is behold thy beginners button:

My first review was RETURN TO PARADISE by Simone Elkeles. I was SO confused on how to write a review and didn't even know goodreads existed so I LITERALLY took a picture of the book! I remember being straight to the point and just putting my thoughts on there. I was like "how do these other book bloggers put out like 5-7 paragraphs on a review, I can barely write 2!" XO AND YES I STILL REMEBER MY FIRST COMMENT & FOLLOWER!! It was Annmarie Ager from Best Books. She was the first to believe in me and gave me a sense of "I'm not alone" here on the web.

You all know I love spoiling my readers in goodies. Well my first giveaway was for 3 books and I only had 3 people enter so THEY ALL WON! Now I need rafflecopter because If not I wouldn't be able to pick XD Here that button I made:

Oh the memories and such a BIG button XD My first blog tour EVER was for Lisa Bursteins "Pretty Amy" and I got to interview her too! First time talking to an author *soo cool*! It made them more real to me and let me see that there just regular people who love to write and read. And that they don't bite if you say "hi" on twitter or facebook :D

I'm writing this uber late so tomorrow I'll be going to part 2 of my trip down memory lane. But for now I have a giveaway for you all and it's a simple one. JUST ANSWER ANY ONE OF THE QUESTIONS BELOW FOR ME and you'll be entered to win a $10 AMAZON GIFT CARD, OPEN INTERNATIONALLY, and ENDS FRIDAY when the clock strikes 12am. Let's see who really follows my blog. Mwahahahaha }:D *cough, regaining control of evil me* anyways questions tis below:

1. Why do you come by/look at my blog? Is it the giveaways/reviews/the gorgeous design ;)
2. What would you like to see more of on the blog? what would it take to get you to come here everyday?
3. *super important* Are you annoyed by the gifs? And do u think my reviews are too long?

So remember leave your answers in the comments below and ALSO LEAVE YOUR EMAIL SO I CAN TELL YOU "YOU WON!" So that's pretty much it. Thanks for giving me 2 years on this blog. LOVE YOU ALL *HUGE HUGS ALL AROUND* BYE!!

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