I'll be back when blogger lets me....

Hey everyone! Hope your all having a good day :) If you haven't noticed I changed my blog a bit. I got a new design, changed the layout, got a new button, oh and yeah *almost forgot* a NEW NAME!

I wasn't going to change it but since blogger *the meanie* won't let me edit my html, i can't do all the nice and pretty things i want >.< I really wasn't going to change my name since I've used READ-A-HOLICZ for 2 years now and the name is special to me but...I'm not the only one with a book blog called that *i've found 2 others* SO in light of me starting a new youtube channel and korean themed blog, I decided to get a more unique name.

What's the new name? NARA BOOK. Which is a play on words of my name which is Dianara. It's actually my middle name and I like it now because I can use it as my korean name 쏜 나라 [Sson Nara] *pretty right* Since blogger won't let me edit my html here i've also been playing around with my Tumblr html *since it was boring* and think i did okay for my first go at it. *See below, and if u like kpop click thy picture to see where I get my gifs*

I thought I would be able to blog but...my job, my life, and my family keep me too busy, so i won't start to blog until april *just a week away* I'll also be coming back with some interesting and gif-y posts XD UNTIL THEN BYE!!

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