A few changes on the blog...and an update > >

Do you hear that...silence. It's been quiet around here, I've really been busy. I actually work now, go to school, AND go to church. It's pretty crazy being me right now. I LOVE being busy and just living, believe me I haven't been this happy with life since High School. Even though I never spoke about this I was REALLY depressed and it affected my life and this blog. Reading and blogging became a chore, I admit it, but that time in my life is over.

I'm ready to start over. I started reading again, not as many YA books anymore but more NA and adult books. So changes, I'll be adding adult reviews to the blog, I'll keep it clean :) I'll also be expanding the blog, since it's my little home on the net, I'll be posting reviews, discussions, spotlights on a whole slew of things; like fashion, beauty, music, I can't really just post books anymore because it does get boring to me, sorry *don't throw tomatoes at me* but I always wanted to expand and have tried but never could commit to it.

I'm actually surprised that I've been blogging so long because most of the things I do I can't stick with but blogging did. I've also been meaning to open a youtube channel and now I am with my sister, so if you want to check that out, click here, it's called M&N and it's also going to be an eclectic channel like this blog :) So it'll have books, music, fashion, and other interesting things.

Yeah so that's where I am and what I'm doing, I've thought about changing the name too but decided not to because Read-A-holicZ is my baby and it's close to my heart. So even though it won't be 100% books, i'll still keep the name. Hopefully you don't all leave me T_T Because to me everyone of you are special and when you comment it makes my heart happy. So I hope to hear from all of you all soon and know that I LOVE YOU!

That's it! Do you like the changes to the blog? Excited for them? Like the new design?
Let me know in the comments below, as always, much love - lisseth

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