MV REVIEW: "Don't Touch Me" by Ailee [에일리 손대지마]

So this is something new to the blog and i'll be doing a music review with my sister at least once a week. Up first this week is Ailee's music video for "Don't Touch Me". Check out the video below. Then keep reading to see my verdict and plenty of gifs :D

M u s i c : [ 4.5 / 5 ] S T A R S

Ailee has an amazing voice and her music videos always showcase it. This MV gave a lot of empowerment vibes, her vocals were strong the beat was killer and I really felt it *still do*. The sound was a lot more like what I would hear here in America but it's Ailee's style. Now the lyrics, WOAH, they are deep and definitely strong which match the video perfectly. [Example below] To see the mv subbed ---- c l i c k h e r e ---

I said a whole bunch of thorny words
And perfectly turned away
But why do tears keep filling my eyes?
Get out Get out Get out Get out let me go!

C h o r e o g r a p h y : [ 3 / 5 ] S T A R S

The choreography wasn't bad it was just kinda shoved to the side. In most k-pop videos it really defines a song and they practice hard to able to sing while dancing. I really wish they would have shown a bit more because it was pretty good :) Especially the choreo from the 3rd gif above and the clapping from gif #2. Even though the choreo was kinda pushed out they did gave Ailee a lot of "face time".

C o n c e p t / F a s h i o n / S e t t i n g: [ 4 / 5 ] S T A R S

In k-pop each album and mv have a concept, which in turn goes with the setting and fashion. I LOVED Ailee's clothes for the MV, she looked powerful and stylish while still being edgy. I have to say my favorite outfit has to be the black crop top with the hot pink mini. Her makeup and hair were also done in various styles and they all looked gorgeous on her. As for the concept I don't have a solid idea, I know it has to do with a "magazine" theme but I didn't know how it went with the mv. It just felt a bit too random to me, with all the settings and things going on but it did end up working out.As for the story, she was supposed to be getting over her "bf" who cheated on her yet wanted to come back to her. The video and the mv matched with each other 40% of the time. The rest was just kinda going with her vocal power. Which kinda made me lose the feeling to the story.

U n i q u e n e s s: [ 3.5 / 5 ] S T A R S

Why am I rating uniqueness? Well because if all mv's were all the same it would be boring. At the beginning the setting in the mv reminded me of TARA'S "Number9", dancing in front of a brick wall, or swinging from a circular sphere weren't new either,. I guess the part that really made me go like whoa this is different was the part with the almost "clown/circus" setting, like in the 3rd gif in the choreo section above. The mv definitely isn't the normal "letting go of my ex" where the singers moppy and sad during the mv. She also does the "sexy" concept with class. Not showing too much yet still playing up with her natural femininity and finding the perfect balance. It would have given this part a 4 but there was something missing.

O v e r a l l: [ 3 . 7 5 / 5 ] S T A R S

Overall it was good music video. I really like and enjoy watching it. I have this song on my playlist and hear it all day! So yes I LOVE the song but the mv was alright for me. I had no expectations going in and was happy with the way it came out. Definitely a good mv from Ailee and I know her fans are happy to have her back promoting this song. Even though it came out to 3.75 it leans more towards the 4.

***REMEMBER: These are just my personal thoughts and opinions, always watch and give it a try. Who knows you might LOVE the mv***

That's it! Have you seen Ailee's "Don't Touch Me"? Liked it? Are you new to k-pop? Do you want to see more k-pop reviews?
Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!!!

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