Monday chat: What happened?

AHHHHHH!!!! Where have I gone? Where has my passion for books gone? I seriously wished I had the energy and the time to blog again. I really don't want to quit but it seems that way as time passes. Sometimes I just wonder: Why do people follow me when I have nothing to post? Why am I reviewing? Why own and run a blog? UGH SO MUCH WORK! I'm tired.

I know a lot of people must feel like this. I know I should post, but if I'm not feeling it then I won't. Working on a computer all day doesn't work either because it makes me less enthusiastic to blog at all. I really have good ideas and memes to make but they just end up staying in my head. It's already November and the end of 2014 is near. I haven't even FINISHED a YA book in a LONG time. I really wished I could but they just all sound the same or have a very similar plot to the ones before it.

Maybe I'm just moody but I think it had to do more with the introduction of E-books. I remember once upon a time I had to actually walk to get to the library and then i would spend hours on the YA section, which back in 2009 was just one composed of like 10 bookshelves. I remember the wonder of reading a summary to a book that was new, different,feeling the crisp pages, smelling that new/old book smell. It was just a magical time back then.

I remember my first YA book, it wasn't actually UGLIES by Scott Westerfeld, since to me it placed in the "kid" section. It was actually City of Bones by Cassandra Claire. I honestly picked it up on an impulse, it was just SO SHINNY! I literally grabbed it took it home and then realized there was a half naked guy on the cover X_x I had to actually hide it because if my dad saw it I WAS DEAD. That book really sucked me in, I hadn't read any angel books and this one introduced me to the nephilim. It was such an intriguing world that the characters just seemed to jump out of the page.

That kind of wonder is what I'm missing today. Maybe I just grew up, maybe the world changed, maybe blogging changed. All I know is that blogging and reading have changed for me. I still read but nowadays its more adult romance than YA. Even NA didn't get me interested too long. Everything has been done by now in YA, there's just no new things and if there were please let me know in the comments. I really want to blog again but it's just so hard. I might pick up YA again, since that was the genre that started my bookish love but until then I don't know where the blog will go. I don't want to shut down but it's such a lonely, friendless road right now...I just want to be like these new bloggers, who have amazing reviews.

Also I really dislike the 5 star review system, I'm going to go back to the way i wrote reviews from the start. No flowery words, no filler sentences, just pure honest feelings, no hiding behind a bush complaints. It's going to be new again and I'll work, if you'll help me. I really can't be here without all of you. Also less giveaways, there awesome but I don't want to be a blog that has followers just for the giveaways.

Sorry if I vent a bit but I had to get it out so I can continue with this blog. I'm starting a new one, not focused on YA, and I want it to work out. I'll post about it when I have it done. Until then LOVE YOU ALL. Really I don't want to quit! If you've felt like me or just want to give me a word of encouragement, PLEASE leave me a comment. Thank you all for waiting for me and not leaving. I'll start again, you'll see. I just needed time and now it's back to the game of blogging :) Until next time, I'll be off reading somewhere! BYE ^3^

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