Hey my wonderful people of the internet! I hope you've all been good and HAPPY NEW YEARS (so late, lol) So yeah pretty much just here bored, working, and slowly wasting my life away doing nothing. Only good thing is that I'm now reading more and not just adult books but YA books too (\oOo/) And yeah I've actually written a review since I last wrote one, like, eons ago.

It's been a long time since I've written here and I felt drained of blogging at that time. I was actually sick (not deadly-look for a tomb-sick just regular sick) when I took that long blogging break, many centuries ago. Fear not, I'll be back, sooner rather than later. I have a few reviews for this week set up, one YA and one adult. Look forward to that; and your comments (Believe me, for me to feel ignored-its a scar I have from a long time ago, but never-mind that, for now). I just wanted to wish you all a happy new year and let you know that I'll be back in the blogging groove.

So Yeah thats where I'm at. Hope you like the new design and have a few surprises for you this week too, hopefully. (=^_^=)

As always I'm super grateful that all of you are here with me and haven't un-followed me in my break, for that,



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