Armchair BEA [Day 3]: Blogging Q & A

Armchair BEA

Back again today, So I already introduced myself on Wednesday and Yesterday I talked about Social Media, and how IMPORTANT IT IS. But today's topic let's me spread the inch of wisdom I have gained in my 3 years blogging. Here is the actual question:

Blogging 101. All kinds of tips and tricks to get you started or keep you going. Talk about ARCs, reviewing in general, web design, etc. What blogging platform do you use? How do you network? What are some of your favorite web designs? Or maybe you want to talk about your own blogging journey, and how you got to where you are now. Either way, we want you to share your knowledge with the rest of the community!

Well, I obviously us blogger but I've tried wordpress, back when everyone was scared google would shut them down, but didn't like it (too confusing for me) , so blogger is the only platform I have used. I honestly love blogger, Its easy to code, post, and make it your own. Now for the good stuff, the TIPS. I have been blogging for a while now and have definitely grown as blogger and person. But here are my essential tips for bloggers.

#1 - BLOG DESIGN: I know getting right to the meat of things but this is important. An easy laid back design can inspire you to write and fill your blog with new and exciting content (believe me, it helps me). Give your blog design a personal touch and identity, don't use generic blog designs found online, try and do it your way. Even if it's simple it's you. You don't have to know how to code to make an amazing blog designs (I didn't when I started) but should really be open to learning how to code, it helps. Having a good design also helps in attracting readers. Also make your header your own and don't over complicate your design or layout. It can get hectic on where to place things, but simple and clean is better.

Below is my first blog header, EVER! I made it on, when it was around, and it's simple and black. I thought of using a generic one but hated the ones out there. They didn't scream me. I had this for a few months i believe, until I learned to do better XP

#2 - JOIN A MEME: When I started blogging there were a lot of meme's to join, I didn't know what they were but they looked fun. The first meme I ever joined was IN MY MAILBOX, which had been hosted by the Story Siren, back in 2012. It helped me connect with other bloggers who had just started too and I made some good blogging friends. Join a meme you like . Below is the button for my first IN MY BOOKBAG, which I just deviated the name to fit me.

#3 - BE PERSONAL: Make your blog readers feel like they matter (which they do) and aren't just another number on your GFC follower count. If someone comments don't be like "okay, thanks!" when the other person wrote a huge comment saying they thought the same as you on a post. Comment back and engage with the person and ALWAYS ALWAYS try to personalize by adding that person's name at the end, like so: "THANKS FOR STOPPING BY AND COMMENTING HANNAH, MUCH BLOGGY LOVE" I know I like it when people reply to my comments and remember who I am.

#4 - REVIEW BOOKS: I remember when I got my first review request from an author, I was SUPER EXCITED, and accepted. Then a few more requests came in and I was reading way more review books than the beautiful books I had just bought T_T Don't overwhelm yourself (like I did) take your time and review books you WANT to read or REALLY interest you, or else you might find that blogging can get rough.

#5 - TAKE YOUR TIME: Blogging isn't something to get famous for, it's mostly to share thoughts with other people who think like you or read the same books as you. Don't expect to be super popular overnight. It takes time to learn the ins and outs of blogging. Dedication and persistence are biggie's. Consistently putting out content for your readers and even getting people to stop by and comment is hard at first. Don't count followers, I did and I just felt so depressed no one wanted to follow me. BUT, I soon realized that people WHERE coming to check me out and stopped worrying about views and followers, I wanted people to come to my blog because they liked what I thought about books. Don't rush things that will happen on their own.

I'm no expert at blogging and I still have lots to learn but I think I'll start a series of posts on Blogging 101 because I have more to share.


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