Lisseth - Review: The Stone Prince by Gena Showalter

Title: The Stone Prince
Authors: Gena Showalter
Published Date: September 1st, 2004
Publisher: HQN Books
Format: Kindle eBook
Series: Imperia #1
Source: bought on Amazon
A love as bright as the stars and enduring as stone...

Katie James is unlucky in love—so unlucky she's been reduced to kissing the marble statue in her own garden. But her luck changes when the statue warms to life in her arms—and turns out to be a hunk straight out of any woman's fantasy! Well, almost...Jorlan en Sarr hails from a distant planet, and, like all the other men Katie's known, he comes with a lot of baggage.

A cursed warrior with a lover's magic touch...

Entombed in his stony skin for centuries, Jorlan has been waiting for a maiden fair to break the spell. Yet this statuesque beauty with the will of an Amazon and kisses like flame is a far cry from the obedient damsels of Imperia. And though Jorlan is tempted to abandon all for the sake of Katie, unless he can convince her to give him her heart in two weeks' time, he'll be turned back to stone. And she'll be lost to him forever.

I just loved this entire book. Overall 5 Stars! The main characters were just so different (probably because there from different planets with different views on men & women) yet somehow, Gena made them click. Everything that Katie and Jorlan did and said was just right, they were both very strong characters. Katie didn't take his "women belong at home" junk and he was pretty hardheaded about his views. He was very rough around the edges but he had a really good heart that made Katie feel cherished, loved, and lead her to soften up.

Most interestingly is that the villain of the book, Percen, got a happy ending even though he was pretty messed up. At first I was like "man he's gonna end up dead" but then he met Heather. They were both very broken people who didn't care about appearances but about the inside. I liked that they could both be redeemed and saved. It was like two really emotionally stringing stories in one book! (THE FEELS)

Man, I cried and felt so much at the end of the story, literally the feels were squeezing my heart. I was NOT expecting it at all. It was just a roller coaster of feels! I really wish there were more stories on Katie's brothers, they were such interesting characters.

Seriously though Gena Showalter is the bomb at writing these kinds of stories, worlds, romances, and characters. Amazingly out of this world, you have to read it!! And then you'll see why me and the feels where like this at the end of this book:


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