Lizzy - Review [ 1 7 3 ]: Gown Girl by Kat Cazanav

Title: Gown Girl
Author: Kat Cazanav
Publisher: Self-published (via Amazon)
Publication date: May 18th, 2015
Pages: 213
Series: Lost In Lace #1
Genre: New Adult Romance
Life has a few harsh surprises for Maddy Gill. When a fire sweeps through her Seattle apartment and destroys the little she has left, she finds herself living out of her car. But not the kind of gal to feel sorry for herself, she scrambles to get back on her feet.

As a reporter for a local newspaper, she seizes the opportunity to interview the elusive wedding couture designer, Sophia Nicoletta. When she unintentionally tries on Sophia’s most expensive creation, the zipper just won’t budge.

Trapped in the clutches of a million dollar gown and with the risk of losing her job, she has no where to turn until sexy charismatic sculptor Atticus Wolfe arrives to pay the delinquent tab on his ex-fiancĂ©es wedding gown. Now Maddy realizes she’s a hostage in the same dress. With no immediate solution to the problem, she’s forced to go home with the brooding young artist.

As one of the hottest new sculptors on the art scene, Atticus Wolfe can have any woman he wants, just not Maddy Gill. Certainly not like this. No way, no how. With nothing in common other than a faulty zipper, his futile attempts to undress her and set her free only fuel a heated attraction.

When a hot kiss and unforgettable night forces him to re-examine his feelings for her, Atticus finds himself wondering if losing the gown means losing the girl he’s been waiting for all his life.

I ended up really enjoying this book. Going into this I had no real expectations and literally started to read this because I wanted to see how this plot of getting "stuck" in a wedding dress and meeting a hot sculptor played out. Plus I want that gown in the cover XP

Any who, I loved how the author really made me feel like all the situations in the book were actually plausible and how everything clicked or was connected in some way. I liked the theme of "Disaster can bring something good" because Maddy, literally lost everything in a fire and is homeless yet she fights it through, gets the chance of her life, tries on a gorgeous dress, and finds the most perfect guy! A lot more positives than negatives. The story of course is NA, which means there is a sex scene (BE WARNED IT IS INTENSE), which I was not anticipating but it wasn't unnatural, since the chemistry between Atticus and Maddy was pretty evident and strong.

I also really liked that there was a whole other tragic love story mixed in with the main one, with Sophia the wedding dress designer and Atticus's father. It was really sad and when I learned the secret and the connection, I was like:

I had been suspecting as much but when it was verified I was like YES! Atticus is like the embodiment of perfect. He's hot, kind, funny, generous, warm hearted, rich, intense, and caring! He did suffer from being the black sheep of the family but I really liked him and reading through his POV.

The few things I kinda didn't like was the insta-love, they meet before the gown and he starts spewing poetry and how he feels a tug for her. I mean it can happen but he fell HARD for her and she took it a bit more slowly and logical. Plus when there was a tragedy Atticus went through at the end of the book, I think he got over it pretty quickly and that's something one does not move on from quickly.

Besides that, everything was good. I'm excited for the next book in the series, because I'm pretty sure it has to do with Atticus's brother, Levi, who is a douche-y jaded playboy and Jen, a single mother assistant to Sophia. Who in the epilogue have a very interesting conversation.

Overall, it had a great cast of characters, a good romance, and was a quick read. I'm definitely looking forward to book 2. Overall I give it 4 STARS!

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