YUP. I am feeling the shame...of neglecting this blog. I took a bit of time off back in July and honestly I thought I would read a bit and come back rejuvenated far this break has left me a bit empty. I am not reading as i used to and on top of things I have been getting sucker punched by life. School....*shiver* I've tried to brave things out but I was honestly considering dropping the "I QUIT" post, that bloggers tend to post after MONTHS in a cell of no inspiration for content.

Recently I have taken up bookstagram and want to try Booktube. I LOVE BOOKS. It's just the reading component is missing at the moment. I also wonder how many people care what I think, or look at what i post. I spend HOURS coding this place and every post takes me forever. I am a perfectionist, nothing can go wrong in a post, even a comma in the wrong place creates havoc in my world.

I don't know when i'll be inspired again but I want to keep this blog, with this name. I considered changing the name too, to match my youtube and instagram accounts but decided I have to much history with this name and i would never change it for the world.

On more happier tone, I have started my own monthly book Subscription Service called, LOVINGLY BOOKISH! I will have more info about that in a future post (I am scheduling posts! Which i never do, YAY!) solely about that story with a few giveaways too!

Thank you for not leaving me and always being here for me, thank you, love you, stay bookish, and i will write to you soon!


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