I would be very excited to be asked to review books from authors or publishers. Currently I'm accepting ARCs and published books (I prefer printed copies, but I do occasionally review kindle or pdf copies as well).

I love Indie authors and I think it's time to give them another chance so I am now accepting review requests! I don't guarantee I'll accept your request, since I have a lot of books on my TBR shelf to read. I'll decide and let you know :) Even If I don't accept to review I'm still more than happy to have you stop by for an interview or a guest post + giveaway!!! I'm always happy to participate in Blog Tours too!

Genres I am interested in:

YOUNG ADULT : I can appreciate young adult fiction since I am still a young adult! I prefer paranormal/fantasy/dystopian/contemporary books, but enjoy reading all different types of genres within the YA spectrum. I will read just about anything with the exception of:

Self-Help, Memoirs, True-Crime or anything with heavy religious undertones.

I'm not really interested in reading books that fall into those categories and would prefer not to read them so I don't have to give a potentially negative review. Sorry!

NEW ADULT: I recently discovered this new genre and I LOVE it! So as long as it's not TOO explicit or out there, I will read it! ANY sub-genre will do BUT i tend to read mostly contemporaries!

What do I include in my review?

  • Book cover
  • Book information (print date, genre, number of pages, etc.)
  • Blurb (usually from Goodreads or Author's page)
  • Trailer (if available)
  • My review, Rating, and Honesty!


I DO NOT like it when an author sends me a copy of their book with their review request because it makes me feel obligated to review it. Please just send me: THE COVER, THE SUMMARY, THE GOODREADS PAGE, AND LINKS TO YOU OR YOUR SITE!

Unreviewed Books & Time Frame:

If I haven't reviewed your book within 6 months then that means one of two things. 1] I haven't gotten to it, so shoot me an email. 2] I didn't like it and If I don't have anything positive to say about it, I will not post a review. But ALWAYS EMAIL ME

Please let me know if there is a certain time frame in which you would like the books to be finished and reviewed. I will try to accommodate any reasonable requests. Otherwise, I will read and review books in as timely a manner as possible. Please keep in mind I have a personal life & that can disturb my posting time.

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